International Sikh Turban Day

Vaisakhi-Eve, 13th April 

We have nominated Vaisakhi-Eve, 13th April as the day of Celebration, which does not mean that we need to be limited to one day only. 




World's  Largest Sikh Identity Awareness Campaign.

Sikh Children Forum is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization which is supported by volunteer all across the world. 
We pledge to make every possible effort to build grass-root organization to promote the cause around the world, by better educating the Sikh and Non-sikh communities. 
We have moderate approach which accommodates both Turban Wearing Sikhs and Non Turban Wearing Sikhs to work collectively.

Founded in 2003, An International Sikh Turban Awareness Campaign.
We promote Sikh Turban amongst children, non-turban wearing Sikhs and educate fellow non-Sikh citizens.